Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shooting, Milking, Climbing

The title consists of three very discordant and unharmonious words – three words so difficult to blend, that they may be deserving of some homogenization.  It gets worse.  Keep reading, and you’ll find that these captions ought to be pasteurized too.

Well, to get started on the right foot, this will be the first photo:

You know good times are in store if its illegal in California (and probably legal in Texas.)

Ben goes over the gun with Abigail…

…and demonstrates a secure and accurate method of gripping it.

I tried to sneakily grab a candid photo during dinner with my phone, but I was obviously caught in the act.

After dinner, it was time to milk the cows, but due to a technical difficulty, the pumper stopped working, so we had to do it by hand.

I decided to “give it a shot”

Pardon the pun.

On afterthought, I actually did have a “shot” while I was milking. 

In fact, almost everyone lended a hand.

Once again, sorry for the puns.

I’m just trying to milk the captions for all they’re worth.

Oh, and I apologize for that pun too.

It looks like…

I mean, my face is just BEAMING!  Oh, never mind, that's the head lamp

…all three of us are enjoying this...

…unlike these two. Smile

Meanwhile, Benjamin worked on fixing the milker and Noah climbed around the beams of the barn and replaced the lights:

He even had us hold the ladder straight up, so he could reach a light he couldn’t climb to.

He really must’ve had faith in our ability to behave to entrust his safety to us.

It was like a “trust fall,” but requiring and relying on the former to prevent the latter.

Though, I bet he had more confidence in the ladder than the former.
And if the latter had occurred, not only could Noah have broken something, but the former would’ve been broken as well – and maybe even the ladder.

Leave a comment if you’ve figured that out. Smile

I just wanted to write something clever so that you wouldn’t be disappointed by the fact that we DID behave and don’t have a picture of us catching Noah.

Gwen's Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to our cousin, Gwen!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Historic Character Ball (Video)

October 11. 2014 – Here are a few videos from last Saturday’s Historic Character Ball.

Photos will be posted tomorrow.

Irish Washer Woman

The Young Widow

The aptly-named "Young Widow" was hands-down the most difficult dance we did at the ball:



Bare Necessities


The Scottish

Video posted by Leah Mays

The Scottish II

Video filmed by Matthew Thomas

Monday, October 13, 2014

Church Hike (Video)

October 13, 2014 – Do rainy days and Mondays get you down?

Well, hopefully these photos from our church hike last Saturday will cheer you up. Smile

But first…for those who thought my reference to the weather and weekday were a little out of place:


The trail crossed under a railroad track and we were able to get some photos in front of the train as it sped past.

Watching these three guys throw rocks and sticks into the river brought back some great outdoor memories I have of me and my brothers!