Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mowing @ the Bauwens’ House

bauwens-15  Today we drove down to the Bauwen’s house to help them mow their lawn.  The grass was waist-height when they first arrived from Detroit, so they had to brush hog the field before mowing it.  There were a lot of grass clippings we had to rake up and haul away before we could begin mowing.

  Noah had a good time driving the pick up truck we used to haul off the grass. He said that he got about 30 minutes of driving in, but most of the time he was in reverse!



Benjamin on the tractor

While we were working on the yard Deanna was dismissed from the hospital and her family drove her home. A lot of friends and family stopped by to visit with her and say goodbye.



  The Bauwens will be leaving tomorrow for Detroit. 

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