Monday, May 16, 2011

Tune Up on the Van


oil change-1 copy  It’s hard to believe it’s already time for an oil change on the van, but we’ve put a lot of miles on it in the last few weeks.

I guess that the main reason for doing the tune up was because the check engine light came on and cylinder 3 was misfiring.  We went ahead and purchased plugs and wires for all of the cylinders.

Our van is a Ford Freestar (formerly Windstar) and they’re famous for the difficulty it takes to reach their plugs.

It’s impossible to ever see a spark plug, but to even feel it you have to lay on top of the engine and reach your arm down the backside of the engine as far as possible.  In that position it’s difficult to get enough torque to unscrew the spark plug.

oil change-2

oil change-3Benjamin and Noah did the oil change with no problem, but after Mom and I worked on replacing just one of the plugs for hours we decided to have a mechanic do it.  Mom’s arm was very bruised and I was bleeding because it was so difficult to get to the plug.oil change-4


It worked out that our Grandpa knew a guy who replaced the sparkplugs very inexpensively and in less than an hour and a half (that includes waiting for the engine to cool down after driving it to the shop.)

Anyways, the van now has much more pep and cylinder 3 is no longer misfiring!

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