Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 Chef Conference-Speakers


  Herb Titus is a constitutional attorney and gave lessons on how to correctly interpret the Constitution.








Picture taken to the right of me….


…picture taken to the left of me….



…picture taken in front of me.

IMG_1944Bill Potter presented excellent historical lessons that were very helpful in understand why the South seceded and why the Confederate Battle Flag is important.  He also gave a lesson on the “Secret Six: The Rise of Abolitionist Terrorism” and a lesson on the regiment that suffered the worst casualty rate during the war, the 1st Texas Regiment.






  Doug Phillips gave great lectures about instilling manhood into our boys.  He talked about the Hazardous Journey Into The Amazon that he and 0 other men took earlier this year and also about the Final Farewell celebration they gave to the veterans of WWII in Normandy just a few weeks ago.  He also gave a lesson on the Christian Character of Stonewall Jackson and presented him as the best Christian general history had ever seen.




IMG_1981Dr. Voddie Baucham gave fantastic lessons on how to look at marriage, college and education through a Biblical worldview.  I am always amazed at how he can delve into the Word and make even complex ideas and interpretations very clear and make very simple, but powerful conclusions.


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