Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Six Flags with Friends Part 1


sixflags12   Today we went to Six Flags again with Megan, Grandma & Glenn and we had a great day at the park that did bring beautiful, cool weather and did not bring people!  We were able to ride a lot of roller coasters because there were virtually no lines and you could ride the coaster multiple times.  At the end of the day I had ridden 18 rides and 4 of them I had never been on before.

Below are few videos, photos and stories from a few of the rides that we rode.



Sky Screamer

This ride opened just a few weeks ago [scary] and is basically a really tall swing that lifts you 236ft into the air and spins you around.  There was a bar that went over the seat and a seat belt, but other than that you’re just hanging by chains with an amazing view of the entire park and some stiff breezes upon your face. 



sixflags5Another fairly new ride that spins in circles as you fly along the track.  Benjamin doesn’t like spinning so only Megan Noah and I are in this photo.






MrFreezeStLouisSixFlagsMr. Freeze

   We rode this for the first time with the suggestion of my Grandma (who loves this ride by the way) and I think it is the most intense I have ever been on.  It is an electromagnetic ride that shoots you 0-70 in four seconds and shoots you up over 22 stories into the air…then falls back down and goes through the rest of the track backwards!










Log Flume

A classic ride that I really enjoy.  No, you don’t get too wet on this ride, but….



Thunder River

…you do get wet on this one. Just take a look at Glenn.  He got so wet the first time that he had nothing to lose and rode it again!



Megan put on “Mama Lisa’s” raincoat to warm up after getting so wet.

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