Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fishing For Rods & Reels


IMG_0043     Benjamin and Noah went fishing yesterday in the creek and pulled out 44 fish between the two of them.  Today they pulled out all of their tackle and organized their fishing rods and their reels. They couldn’t believe it, but they had fished up 17 complete sets between the two of them-and that’s not a fish story!

      Who couldn’t smile after such a day of fishing!


Savories of Life said...

Wow! That is alot of fish. Do you eat them? And what kind were they?
My brother has caught a fish once which he ate.

Thank you for posting on my blog.

Andrew said...

Well, they were pretty small fish, but Benjamin almost never eats the fish he catches for some reason. My Mom was talking to him about this just yesterday-he ought to acquire a taste.
I think that they caught mostly sunfish and a few bass, but I'll check with Ben later.

Savories of Life said...

I am not a fan of fish but some times when I get a good kind from the store I like it but it does nto come from our state. Samuel ate a fish once and liked it but there was not much so we did nto get any. When we eat out ( once in a blue moon:) I some times get fish and do enjoy it.