Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week Goes to the Dogs!


Megan with the dogs in her lap

IMG_3178This week we watched my Aunt & Uncle’s Italian greyhounds while they were out of town.  Italian greyhounds look really neat-they’re very tall and thin, but much smaller that regular greyhounds and their long legs make them look like fawns.  My aunt and uncle breed them.

   What was really funny is how much like a pack the dogs were.  They absolutely couldn’t stand to be separated for any amount of time and they would almost always do everything at the same time.  Fall asleep in the kennel, wake up, look at something-they’d do it in pack synchronization.

The greyhounds names are Bella, Israel, Jasmine, and Eve.  I had wanted to do a good ole’ fox hunt while we had all of these hounds laying around, but my wish never came true.  View halloo!


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Savories of Life said...

It was great seeing you yesterday at church. Your family is a blessing.

These fogs look wonderful. I have been told they cost a lot get purchase. Not that we can have another dog as we have three as well as two fish, some bugs and two birds

Have a great day and check out my blog giveaway I will post in a few minutes.