Friday, August 5, 2011

Kate Spills the Beans!

   Ever since last our Florida trip last November Kate has been telling us that we’d be going on a mystery vacation…she’s great at surprises.  While in Florida we wrote down a list of activities (i.e. swimming, going to a museum, horseback riding, parachuting, etc.) and then each person rated each activity on a scale from 1 to 5.  Then, we totaled up the ratings on each activity to find the things that we all liked.  Kate took this list and found a place that offered the highest scoring activities.

   For months now she’s been working on planning this vacation and keeps on telling us that we’re going to have a blast and that she’s planned for us to be at a spa every single day for facials, massages and pedicures.


    Well, when Kate does a surprise she creates a puzzle that has to be solved before the surprise has been revealed.   One night she set out these cards on the table and my brothers and I had to play a game of flipping them over and matching two of them together.

 mv-ben playing

Noah got two sets, I only got one and Benjamin took home all of the rest.


   The back of each card corresponded with one of the activities we were going to do on the trip.  So once the entire puzzle was solved, the three of us separated.   For each set of cards we had Kate had a card showing what activity the picture represented.  Then the three of us had to tell everyone what activity we had discovered.

   In this process we learned that we were going to Montague, MI which is along Lake Michigan and we learned WHEN we’d be leaving as well. 

   The trip will certainly be a lot of fun and we all can’t wait!

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