Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mystery Vacation Part 1

Riding Horses at Rainbow RanchIMG_4728IMG_4739

   We’ll get to ride through some beautiful scenery on the back of a fiery steed…or something like that.  It sounds like we will be crossing a river…on the horses.


IMG_4730Dairy Farm Tour


   A dairy farm nearby takes tours of people through their place…it looks like they may take you on a tractor ride as well.


IMG_4737Little Sable Point Lighthouse


   Really looking forward to seeing the view from the top of the lighthouse.


Savories of Life said...

I am trying to see if I can post anythign. Sounds like fun! I love lighthouses!!

Savories of Life said...

Have a great time on your trips. Did you get the other comments I left?

Andrew said...

Yes, I have gotten your other comments, but unfortunately haven't had the time to reply back.
We'll all pretty busy around here working. Kate is studying for a test, I am working on the video project, Benjamin got a new job this week and Mom and Noah are holding down the fort. We just got back from a trip last weekend (post coming soon) and are preparing for our trip to Michigan.
Good to hear from you again!