Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 1-Heading to Lake Michigan

   We were up pretty last night to celebrate Noah’s 13th birthday with family.
   We had a later start that morning than we had planned for and half of us weren’t even packed.  However, it was only mid-morning when we had the van loaded with our bags, the trailer loaded with bikes and our canoe loaded on top of the van.

IMG_4720  Because of a few errands we had to run we didn’t hit the road until after noon.  We made some good progress and listened to a few teachings on tape-no, I mean on CD-no, I mean…well, they were actually tiny bytes of information encoded in MP3 format transferred onto a tiny hard drive inside of an audio player.  We’ve been on a real Sherlock Holmes kick lately so we listened to a few mysteries as well.  We made a couple of stops to make sure the canoe was strapped securely.


   We were nearing southern Chicago when we stopped for dinner at Jimmy John’s.  We ordered our sandwiches and then asked for cups of water. 
We can’t give you our water.
Well, could they give us ice?  We had warm water bottles in the trailer.
Yes, we can sell ice. It’ll be $1.75/cup.
No thanks!
 IMG_3326  We drove on and ate at Boston Market as it began to get dark. We gassed up (please take this to mean what I mean it to mean) and drove up along the Eastern side of Lake Michigan.
  We had a few delays along the road…someone smelt rubber burning, so we stopped a couple of times to check and sniff everything…Noah thought he saw someone being held up in a gas station…called the police, but I think everything looked fine.
   Arrived at our home away from home after 1am (but we lost an hour due to time zones) and then we had to unload all of the bags before we could hit the sack.

As you’ll see in this video, we got a bit slap happy towards the end of the trip.


Brewer Family said...

Yay for vacation pictures!
Looking forward to seeing more!
Sounds like you had a great time.

Savories of Life said...

This was a great post. Will have to tell about our week at the ocean soon:)