Saturday, September 10, 2011

Four Wheelin’ & Campfires

  We finally got Kate to come down with us and go four wheeling at our Aunt & Uncle’s property.  It had rained that morning and the landscape looked fresh-but also a little moist.

IMG_3787   I drove a four wheeler that had a second seat on the back rack where Mom rode while she was video taping with her phone.  Because she was holding her phone, she only had one hand to hang onto the straps of the seat with so whenever we’d go downhill she’d slide off her seat and run into me Smile.  (This explains the laughter)

We look a little villainous in this lighting
My Aunt and Lydia’s “Cousin”
   Noah wiping his sticky marshmallow fingers on a shirt (just kidding)
   As it got dark, my brothers and I (as well as Lydia) took a hike on one of the trails.  It was really dark, but using our flashlights would’ve stifled the adventurous part of walking in the pitch-black woods.  However, every time we’d turn the lights off Lydia would start whining in the darkness-apparently she is scared of the dark!
  We had a great time talking around the fire and eating a few s’mores before heading home.
Sep 10 11

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Bethany said...

Haha I didn't know dogs could be afraid of the dark!