Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can Anyone Say, “Time for a Haircut?”

andrews hair
   I also need to get my glasses bent back into shape after last week’s football.


Leah Mays said...

"Time for a haircut" LOL! =D

Brewer Family said...

I will if you want me to:)

Andrew said...

What is it that you'll do Andrew? Cut my hair or bend my glasses?

Andrew B. said...

Sure I'll shave it all off for you...or maybe a buzz cut!

Andrew said...

Well, because of the type of hair that I have I may look even more ridiculous with a buzz cut than I do in the picture :). One time I was talking with my brothers about how only scissors are used to cut my hair and we made fun of it with this little ditty:
Oh thou fairest Andrew never shalt thou hearest the buzz of clippers neareth thy ear.
May scissors only be the tool that clippeth thy raven locks of hair.

Lisa Wong said...

Yay! I finally cut his hair. Lookin' handsome now.