Saturday, October 22, 2011

Circassian Circles

   The video below shows two different versions of this very fun dance-the first is from last night and the second is from one of the dance practices this spring.


   I would liked to of had a few of last night’s videos posted, but I acted like an imbecile on the way home last night.  On the way home we dropped our van off at the repair shop and I left my SD card with the close up footage of the dance (and also my audio source.)  Therefore, it may be a few days or a week before I’ll be able to get my card-I guess it depends on how long it’ll be before the car’s repaired.

    From what I saw of the footage last night it looks like these camera angles will turn out very well.  I had a little more time this week to get everything setup to my liking.


Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness! What a difference! =D Like my brother just said, the old one is BORING! HAHA! =D
Thank you for posting this!

Leah Mays said...

Oh, your not an imbecile Andrew! =)

Savories of Life said...

Looks like tons of fun. I hope some of us can make it to one dance practice this fall.

Lydia said...

I was looking at the banner, What kind of cake did Lydia get for her birthday?