Thursday, October 6, 2011


    We’ve watched the newest Sherwood Pictures film, Courageous, in theatres a couple of times since it came out last Friday.  It’s a fantastic movie about how important fatherhood is to a child’s future.
     They did a fantastic job of showing how the root of much criminal activity is fatherlessness, but they take it a step farther and illustrate how a Christian father takes the wheel and guides his family.   They covered so many topics like dating, unemployment, death and the grieving process, forgiving your failed father, integrity in the workplace, drugs and crime, friendship, divorce, etc.
     There were also a lot of laughs in this films-even more laughs than their past films and there are also some times when it’s great to have tissues nearby.
      I think that this movie was absolutely fantastic, but it also has a significance to me when I look at what I’ve experienced in the last few years.   While my Dad was out of work for months on end we really had to trust God for provision that was shown in the film when their house is on the line.  In the film one of the main characters experiences the tragic death of a family member and how he struggles with regrets and lost visions of the future.  Maybe to those who haven’t experienced much death the grieving may have seemed a bit odd, but this is the process that we had to go through when our Dad died last fall.  Forgiving a failed father was also a key lesson to not use fatherlessness as a crutch for mediocrity.
  Anyways, it’s a great movie and I highly recommend seeing this film as soon as you can!

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