Monday, October 10, 2011

Lydia’s [So Big] 3rd Birthday!

   I’ve decorated the blog to celebrate Lydia’s 3rd birthday!  We call Lydia by the many names used in the background.

    Lydia has brought a lot of joy into our family during the past few years and she’s been a fantastic…dog?


Taken a few minutes after we picked Lydia up from the breeder.  IMG_9813

She only weighed 2 pounds.


Gideon & Lydia made friends (despite the 78 pounds of differences from one another.)  IMG_9706

This photo was taken just 4 days after we brought Lydia home, but they were already exchanging secrets.


Christmas Day


Four Months Old


Six Months Old

And there are many, many more photos.  Between everyone’s cameras I’m sure I could come up with 1033 photos to represent each day we’ve had Lydia!

lydia theme

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Leah Mays said...

Cute! =D What kind of dog is she?