Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes, More Dancing Videos II


Flowers of Edinburgh

(Thanks for the title Luke, I never would’ve remembered it)

    It was a real bummer that I didn’t have my second camera setup from above for this dance.  A girl’s head blocks this camera’s view and it would’ve been neat to see the figure eights from above (like in Mr. Ramsey’s video below.)

Duke of Kent’s Waltz

   One of our favorite dances…this version isn’t particularly the most elegant Smile.

Jefferson & Liberty

   This dance is growing on me Smile.  I originally didn’t care for it because the moves didn’t seem as unique as some of the other dances.


Meghan Rebecca said...

I love all the videos! You do a great job editing!! =D

Luke Jeremiah said...

Jefferson and Liberty was hard for me to remember up to this week. I can usually pick up and remember all the moves to Dance fairly easily, but this one was harder even though its a fairly simple dance.

Brown said...

I KNOW these people!! Haha.

KJ said...

I see my friends in there!!! hahaha, looks like yall had fun!!!!!

KJ said...

I see my Friends in there!!!! Hello Browns! Looks like y'all had fun! I absolutley love dancing!!!!