Friday, October 7, 2011

Yes, More Dancing Videos!

  We got to the dance a little late yesterday, so I don’t have all of the dances on video, however I did bring two camcorders to see if having more than one shot would turn out or not.  With two different angles I was able to cut around some mistakes, add some camera movement and show off the particular highlights of each dance.
    Let me know your thoughts about these new videos or and if you found the cutting back and forth between shots distracting
Juice of Barley
     This was my family’s first time doing this dance and it ended up being a pretty fast moving dance that kept you on your toes (or if you want to be technical the balls of your feet.)  There is only just enough time to do the moves and no more, so you have to think ahead about your next move.  Speaking of ahead….you’ve got to love how on-beat we all are when we clap!  I’ll have to count out the beats next time to make sure that I clap at the right time.

Hull’s Victory
       This is now officially one of-if not my most-favorite dance IF you are a #1 couple.  The moves are fairly unique to this dance (I mean of the dances in my limited repertoire) and it’s very fast moving with no time for a break.  Very, very unfortunately I was not a #1 couple so I almost fell asleep this dance, but it was fun to watch others do it.

Virginia Reel
      Jeremy did mess up one time when he skipped the do-se-do, so a few of the groups are one step ahead of the others.


Leah Mays said...

I like the new videos. And that was definitely a lively dance, Jeremy was right the claps sounded like pop-corn! =D

Marjo.....B. said...

Glad you like Hull's Victory- it's one of our most favorite dances! Ha ha- I actually LIKE being number 2 couple, so if we are ever in the same set, and you are number 2 and I number 1, I'll make sure to switch with you, Andrew!
Now I'll watch these videos, which I'm sure will be fun! I'm so glad you filmed them- we like watching them. Thanks!
Ps. thanks for commenting on my blog!

Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh we LOVE the videos..... ALMOST AS FUN AS DANCING!!!!!! =D
(Did you perhaps get the Scottish on film? I LOVE that dance!! =D)
Love, Meghan

Andrew said...

I edited the Scottish video after I got your comment and I'm uploading the first dance to YouTube right now. One of my cameras died in the middle of the second Scottish dance, but I'll go ahead and post what I have.

L. Jeremiah said...

This is one of my favorites too! It's kind of funny, because I (obviously) like being a 1, and always wind up as a 1. I've never started as a 2. Conversely on Flowers of Endinburgh (the figure 8 dance) I like being a 2, and have always wound up starting as a 2!