Thursday, November 3, 2011

boy like me, Man Like You - 20,000 Views

   Well, I thought I ‘d repost this video we made from more than 4 years ago.  It has 20,000 views on YouTube which really isn’t that many views for YouTube, but when we we were out in the yard filming it never would’ve entered our heads that thousands would watch it online.

    Here’s what I wrote when I posted this on the blog July 25, 2007:

boy like me, Man like You is one of the very first videos we made; I was 12. This song is from Rich Mullins and is a favorite of ours. Throughout this video you'll see moving shots where the camera is "rolling." We don't own a dolly so we improvised with a wagon.
While I held the camera Benjamin pulled me around the yard. Oh the life of a cameraman!
As you'll see the ride was pretty bumpy!
(No, Noah isn't related to Rich Mullins.)

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Lydia said...

Noticed the octopus one had 200 views. (I have to say it is very hilarious!)