Monday, November 14, 2011

Dance–Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot (Pride & Prejudice)

    Woo hoo! I’ve finally got a hold of my dance footage from the dance lesson Oct. 21!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 weeks that I have been dying to see this footage.

      After we had done our closing dance a few of the folks got together to dance Mr. Beveridges Maggot from Pride and Prejudice.  When you see the shot from above you’ve got to love all of the stuff that flies back and forth at the bottom of the screen!


Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh I LOVE IT!!!! It is SO neat how you made it switch back and forth between cameras!! =D
I love that dance, although I still don't really have the hang of it hee hee!! =D
Thank you so much for posting these!

Andrew said...

I'm glad that you're enjoying the videos. I really like how complex Mr. Beveridge's Maggot is-I'll have to learn it.
I'm not quite sure if the footage from the square dance turned out or not. I forgot my tripod that night otherwise I could've filmed from up high.

Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh no! =S But it's still fun to watch even from the ground! =D