Saturday, March 31, 2012

CHEF Dances

Well, I left one of my camera’s SD cards at home, so there’s only one camera angle.  Therefore no editing was possible and I am able to post these videos less than 24 hours after we danced them!

"I Care Not For These Ladies”

Jefferson & Liberty

Down The River

Portland Fancy

Little Ramsay Divey


“Jacob Hall’s Jig”

Yellow Stockings


Peter Bringe said...

The first dance is called "I Care Not For These Ladies".

-Peter B.

Wong Family said...

Thanks for the comment Peter! How could I have forgotten the name for THAT dance? It should be most memorable!
By the way, I'm working on editing a dance video of the Virginia Reel at the Family Economics Conference.

Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh we love all the videos as usual Andrew!
Did you perhaps get "The hole in the wall" and the "Scottish" on film..? We did them after the "last" dance. =)

Marjo.....B. said...

Andrew, These all look so nice!! I haven't had a moment to watch more than a couple seconds of each of them, but hopefully soon I'll watch them.

Just to be critical ;), the 3rd dance from the top which you called ''Portland Fancy'' is Jefferson and Liberty.
By the way, when I correct the names of dances, don't think that I think you're silly for not remembering....I only remember because we've been dancing them for years! :)

Andrew said...

Thanks for the encouragement-and the correction to the title.
Because of time constraints, this is the first time I've posted dancing videos without ever watching the footage before-hand. I'm hoping the footage turned out okay.
I'm fairly new at this "dancing thing," but I can usually learn the name of a [new] dance by scrolling through my video footage. Most of the time Jeremy says the name of the next dance at the end of a dance. Otherwise, I rely upon the help of my good commenters.

Andrew said...

No, I didn't film the two "extra" dances. I hung around for awhile, but it didn't look like anything was stirring.

Leah Mays said...

Thanks for posting Andrew... =)