Thursday, March 1, 2012

Conservation Club

Today was another wonderful day of fantastic weather so we headed to the property of the Conservation Club in Festus where we’re members.  We all visited the club for a couple of hours during that sunny, 70* period. We walked the trail and sat for a while "drinking in" the sunshine while Benjamin fished. club-1


Lydia found a frog to play with and had an absolute blast!




Andrew found some baby frogs for Lydia to play with...she gets very happy at the mention of the word "frog." At home, they like to get on our glass doors, so she runs to one of those doors when we say "frog." In this pic, the lake is behind her with the sunshine bouncing off creating a glow, and Andrew is holding a frog up near the camera which is why she is "smiling" for it.


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Brewer Family said...

The last picture of Lydia is pretty cute!