Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Indian Lakes Resort


IMG_0188  Well, if you’ve read my previous   post you’d know that we were in   Chicago and had visited the   Woodfield Mall. We ate dinner and then came back to the hotel.


   One of our favorites back at home in St. Louis


The Indian Lakes Resort was undoubtedly the most unique place I have ever stayed.  The building was designed by a student of Frank Llyold Wright and was created to be a hexagonal pyramid.    Satellite Image:


   The architect wanted to break out of the conventional idea of long and straight hotel corridors and shoe-box shaped rooms.  In essence, the hallways horizontally zig-zag (see video) and the rooms are spacious hexagons with sloping 10 foot ceilings.

  I had a great time exploring the resort and taking photos.  The whole facility was huge and with the zig zag hallways you felt really isolated and it was pretty easy to get lost.  Everything was hexagonal, the ceiling, the room, the flooring in the bathroom, the skylights, the stairs, the pool...but thankfully not the parking spaces.


Hexagonal stairs


You could see the hand of Frank Llyold Wright in the atrium, because of how nature was brought inside:


The rooms on the right of the hallway had floor-to-celling windows that opened on the atrium and the rooms on the left had exterior windows that could give you a view of the golf course.



Look closely at the walls on these stairs…the picture was taken so that the stairs were straight-like you’d expect them to be, but in real life it was the stairs that looked tilted.  Just another architectural illusion.


Private sitting area



In the center of the Atrium was a rock with a pond and a fountain on the top, but underneath was a bar called the “cave.”


  It was a lot of fun to explore the resort, but it was time to do some swimming in the HUGE hexagon pool!

[Photos coming soon]

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