Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Would You Wear a Kilt?–Video

Couldn’t believe how long it’s taken me to finish this video, but it’s finally done!  I’m looking forward to posting more videos from the conference including a video from the Scottish Ball.

The KIlt: Is it just a skirt or is it the garb of Scottish manliness?  While this video may help to prove that kilts are manly, it really goes beyond just a deeply pleated garment made of heavy tartan. It's about honoring the spiritual heritage we've received from the strong faith of the Scotch-Irish and the sacrifices made by the Scottish Covenanters.
Features bagpipes and closing comments by Matthew Thomas.  This video was filmed during the 2012 Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Missouri's Conference where I asked over 40 boys, "Would you wear a kilt?"


6gun said...

Aha, I see what you did; you cut out all my excuses which basically reduced my answer to a maybe!

L3rown said...

Aha, I see what you did; you cut out all my excuses that basically reduced my answer to a maybe!

Andrew said...

Well, you did say, "Yes, I would"-but it had a few qualifiers that I couldn't fit in.

Meghan Rebecca said...

Oh wow Andrew, great video! So fun and well put together!!! Haha and it made us laugh!
ANDREW!!! Would YOU wear a kilt??!!!

L3rown said...

Ha, that's fine. Mostly I found it was funny that I thought you wanted a whole explanation, when I could have just said yes or no.

(On a side note, will you guys be at the dance located at the Lutheran school, on the 13th?)

Andrew said...

Well, you were the first person I asked, so I didn't exactly know which direction I was going to go with the video. Later I asked, "Would you wear a kilt? Yes or no."
I don't know about the dance...these past two weeks have been so busy that I am not sure. It's also just a bit of a longer drive than the CHEF dances.

Ellie said...

bwhahahaha!!!! love it

Belley Family said...

By the way...your title needs a slight correction: Would you WEAR (not where) a kilt. (:

Mrs. B.