Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trip to Texas

Well, our purpose in coming to Texas was to assist Kate’s recently widowed mother who needs help painting a few things at her house.IMG_0554IMG_0556

We were going to paint the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom and also repaint a couple of doors/door frames and a breakfast room.  By the end of the first day we’d pulled everything out and the place looked like an absolute wreck!  But things have to get worse before they can become better!



  We all tried to work together…



…and Lydia was a great help.  She’d be on top of anyone who tried to lie down on the job!








That is, if she wasn’t sleeping herself!







  Thankfully by the end of day two we had wrapped everything up as illustrated by the picture of a sticky ball of tape to the left.







  The next and final day we visited a Civil War Museum and shared a dinner with Kate’s sister and niece who also live in TX.  We enjoyed looking at their pug…SO ugly it can become cute over time.


  We headed home the next morning…


City skyline


The highways/toll ways were a bit confusing through Dallas and there seemed to be a very limited amount of highway signs and directions-things that would’ve made navigating much less confusing.

We made hit thunderstorms and rain at Joplin, MO, so partly because of that we didn’t get home until 1:45am.


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