Thursday, September 6, 2012



On this Labor Day we went to the Hi-Pointe Theatre to watch the new film, “2016.”  If you haven’t heard about it, no, it isn’t a remake of the apocalyptic “2012.”

   This film follows Dinesh D’Souza as he retraces Obama’s early life as described in his own words.  He learns what an impact Barak Sr. had upon his son, even though they hardly had any kind of a relationship.

  I thought this film was very helpful in helping to understand some aspects of Obama’s ideologies and goals during his presidency.  I’ve done some study on the common worldviews of American culture at large, but sometimes I was just confused when I saw what decisions Obama was making.  During the course of this movie, the pieces begin to fall together as you see how the ideas of his father influenced him while he was young and matured when he was placed under the mentorship of a communist.

  Don’t want to spoil anything yet, so go watch the movie for yourself!

  I’m pretty sure I could write more, but I’ll move ahead with the pictures:


  After leaving the theatre we ate some pizza with friends and discussed the ideas set forth in the film we’d just seen.


“So what exactly is neo-colonialism?”


They all look pretty satisfied with their meal


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