Sunday, September 9, 2012

CHEF 2012: Speakers

The lineup of speakers at this year’s conference was truly unprecedented.  They included Chuck Bentley, Douglas Bond, Dr. Marshall Foster, Col. John Eidsmoe, Wade Meyers, Dr. Joe Morecraft, Doug Phillips, Dr. Paul Jehle, and Kevin Swanson.


Dr. Morecraft speaking on the legacy of the Scotch-Irish




Chuck Bentley helps us plan for future financial crisis-both nationally and internationally.


Discussing how our own families can prepare and save.



Dr. Paul Jehle discussed the the nature of Biblical Law and common confusions and heresies about the differences between the New and Old Covenants.  Dr. Jehle is one of my top 4 favorite speakers and his ability to speak to both the young and the old is extraordinary.  He teaches high school students on a regular basis and in his presentations he’s able to get a simple concept across to a 8 year-old, but in the context of a lecture about the nature of Biblical law! A truly gifted educator.



Mr. Note-Taker


  Kevin Swanson’s passionate and engaging talks absolutely hit the ball out of the park.  He showed how America has been declining year after year because of the nation’s absolute disregard for God or His Law, but showed the hope of a “Second Mayflower” for our families.

  His lectures were very personally convicting and showed just how much of a statist I am and what a small vision I had compared to God’s plan for a family.  Would love to write more on this, but it’ll require a little more study on my part.

Article to be completed…

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Marjo.....B. said...

Mr. Swanson always convicts and inspires us! Personally, he's one of my very favorite speakers; I started listening to many of the Generations Radio broadcasts, and they are GOOD!