Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parade & Properties


  This evening we braved the blistery weather and gathered along Main Street for a Christmas parade!


We went with our long time friends, the La Motte family.

After the parade we headed to their house to have some snacks and play games, specifically “Mayberry-opoly!”



We had a great game with an immense amount of wheelin’ and dealin’ and negotiatin’. (For the Monopoly gurus: Benjamin was able to get the Park Place and Boardwalk equivalent properties and built hotels on each.  I think they were landed on more than a dozen times and it made all 5 opponents either go bankrupt or withdraw. )



We also played the game that taught us all we know about Spanish, “Uno!”


We had a great time, but the evening soon turned into early morning and it was time to go home!

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