Friday, September 6, 2013

Aunt Doris, Wedding, Zip Ties

 September 6, 2013-This evening we were visited by my Mom’s Aunt Doris who providentially happened to be driving back home from a trip Orlando.  She was visiting a friend’s house who was only 4 miles from our townhouse.  It was great to visit with Aunt Doris and see a familiar face while here in Florida!
  This afternoon the beach was prepared for a wedding ceremony.  The sand was raked smooth and fenced off until this evening.
  Just before sunset the wedding party and guests gathered on the beach for the wedding.
   We watched from our deck and spied at the proceedings and all of our neighbors did the same Smile.  It was pretty funny to see everyone along the beach front watching from their decks or balconies and taking photos or watching through binoculars.

Would anyone else like to have their wedding on a beach?  Leave a comment below!
On a completely unrelated note…
Yes, Ben wrapped duct tape around his wrists and tied his hands together with a heavy duty zip tie.
If you ask yourself “Why?” then you don’t know Ben Smile.
If gets good enough and getting out this then maybe we’ll up the ante and try it in ocean.

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