Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breakfast, Dunes, & Geeks

September 5, 2013-Today we continued to get settled in…some of us more than others:
Our first “real” breakfast

     Kate and I setup our computers today in the living room – facing the window.  As the resident geek I got all of our electronics into place.  We brought down our dual band wireless router, so it was pretty simple to setup our wireless network and I also hooked up our ClearPlay.  We also got a new wireless printer which will be great to use when we get back home and also allows us to print from our smartphones.
   Now, please indulge me in a gushing paragraph of geek-dom:
   We just got a Roku 2 XD and I’ve been so happy with it over the past couple of weeks that I would highly recommend it.  It streams popular movie services like Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, Redbox Instant and Blockbuster Instant and also features a lot of news channels (Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, etc.) and sports channels.  The best part of the Roku is it’s functionality and simplicity.  The remote that is included is one of the most straightforward AND practical remotes that I’ve ever seen and the setup guide is very simple, approachable, and NOT in broken English!  There’s plenty to love on the functionality side as well.  Roku offers a free app that allows your smartphone to become a remote for the player (allowing you to utilize your touch keyboard and open a channel on the Roku via voice command), and also allows photos and music from your phone to be played on your tv/sound system.
[At this point I stopped writing the post and added the above paragraph to a product review]

Parasailing…would YOU do it?  Leave a comment below.
Sand dunes
Yes, two pictures of Lydia in one post
During this morning and afternoon I continued editing the video from the CHEF 2013 Graduation back in June.  I’ll post the graduate’s charge by Mr. Bob Wells sometime soon.ben-
   We wrapped up the evening by playing some catch with our balls and gloves on the beach.  It takes much more endurance to run around on the sand and trying to get your footing is a little tricky when trying to make a throw.
  Lastly, a video of today’s sunset is below:


Matthew Thomas said...

WOW! It looks beautiful there! The sand is so white.... I have to say, one of the few things we did when we went back to MA was to 1. Go to the beach & 2. Play a hardy game of ultimate frizbee on the beach. Our calves felt like falling off the next day, but it was SO worth it. :-)

To many pictures of Lydia... I'm cancelling my subscription. ;-) Jk, jk... I LOVE YOU LYDIA!!! Give her kisses for me! (Ha! I'm so mean... I have someone else kiss the dog for me...Haha...) No really! I really do love you Lydia! :)

And I think you can totally guess whether or not I'd try parasailing... :) Might be kinda scary at first, but it seems like a total blast! Have you signed up for lessons yet?

And I'm gonna have to ask you more about that Roku once your back... still not sure I "get" it.

Keep having a blast!
Grace & Peace!

Alexa Bailey said...

I would absolutely go parasailing!