Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cards Baseball in the ‘Club’

August 28, 2013


One of Kate’s coworkers gave her tickets to a Cardinals baseball game in the UMB Champions Club at Busch Stadium.  She invited me to come with her (seeing as how I’m almost as much of a baseball fan as herself.)



We arrived very early at the game to get dinner at the all-you-can-eat buffet before the game started.  We sat in the club near the windows that had a great view of the field:


The Reds do some batting practice and (as you’ll see later) it definitely worked.


(No, that’s not Dusty Baker throwing to the batters.)


Brandon Phillips signing autographs amongst the Cardinals fans – gasp!

For those who don’t know: We, the fans of “Cardinal Nation” have some bad blood with Phillips; partially from a brawl that broke out a couple of years ago in Cincinnati.


After eating an enormous dinner, we grabbed some snacks and headed to our seats outside the club.


The game was a complete bust, even though our ace, Wainwright, was pitching.  In one of the first couple innings he let the Reds get 6 runs and we made some crucial defensive mistakes.  Ultimately, we lost 10-0 because Yadi didn’t play in the game Smile!  This game also started a 3 game losing streak for the Cards.

Moving on…

This year I’ve been blessed to have visited Busch 4 times and each time we’ve been in different areas of the stadium:




Even though  the game was a disappointment, it was fun to take advantage of what the UMB Champions Club had to offer-especially the buffet.  Here’s a list of my evening’s refreshments:

two heaping servings of ceaser salad, three servings of teriyaki chicken with rice, two hot dogs, two servings of potatoes, a couple slices of roast turkey, a brownie, two cookies, Italian sausage with pasta and a strawberry daiquiri.



Here you can watch the game from your couch like you would at home-at the ballpark!



I really liked getting to see the World Series trophies:


2006 World Series


1982 World Series



1967 World Series


They also had the 2011 World Series trophy displayed for a total of four.  It was cool to have four of the trophies in one room when some many other clubs have never won the World Series four times.  The Cards have won nearly a quarter of all the World Series won by the National League.IMG_2477


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Matthew Thomas said...

It's interesting, the Cardinals have won 11 world series, the Redsox only 7. :-( But the Sox also won the FIRST series, so that counts for a couple. ;-)

& honestly, I love all you can eat buffets! Glad to hear you packed it away! :-)