Monday, September 9, 2013

Crabs, Paragliding, Sun Rays, Bourne

  September 9, 2013-This morning started out with some crabs.  No, I don't mean the kind that are the result of a bad night's sleep.




   This picture makes me picture the crab as a baseball catcher intentionally walking a left handed batter.  Might have been watching a little too much baseball.  (Cardinals have now secured a berth in postseason.)


   This afternoon we heard a sound of an engineering and looked up to find this little guy buzing around.


   He is paragliding.  He has a large gas-powered pan strapped to his back and is able to "take off" from the ground.  He exhibited the good amount of control he had over the chute by his very close passes near high rises, and dips that brought him within twenty feet of the water.


   I have more footage of this guy that I can't wait to share, so watch for a video in the following posts.

   So far, everyone who commented on a previous post would go parasailing, but how about paragliding?  You may want to wait for the video to answer that question.




All three could be good photos in and of themselves


Tropical flare


  The ocean is so still it almost looks like a large lake


Instead of another sunset, why not mix it up with a shot of the moon?


Benjamin and Noah have gone swimming at night with the GoPro and waterproof flashlights. These videos of the ocean at night from underwater remind me of this song: (Plays with Spotify)


Bourne opening and closing scenes in Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy


Zoe Quinn said...

Wow, looks like you all are having an amazing vacation! The beach is a simply delightful place to be - hurray for you!
The photos of the crabs are great, and those clouds are stunning! And so are the sunsets, and the swimming shots, and the park scenes, and the group photos, etc., etc.!
Enjoy the remainder of your vacation!

Matthew Thomas said...

Those pictures of the crab are amazing! That GoPro camera is really pretty cool!

& The sun n' clouds? WOW! Totally gorgeous.... WELL SHOT!!