Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Driving to Florida

   September 3, 2013-We loaded the last few things in the car this morning and probably exceeded the weight limit of the van!  The rack for our bikes on the van was nearly touching the ground because of the weight.  We only had a clearance of a few inches!
It was certainly very different to have the family divided between two cars on a road trip, but at least we planned to drive down all in one day.  Mom and I got in the van and Kate, Benjamin, Noah and Lydia rode in Kate’s car.  Lydia was nice enough to let Benjamin sit in the front seat with her. Smile
  Mom hadn’t had a good night’s sleep the night before, or the night before, or the night before that, therefore, by mid-morning she was having a hard time staying awake while driving-despite my efforts to keep her awake through the powers of music.  We pulled off the highway to do a “Chinese fire drill” and let me drive.  I continued driving until we stopped for gas and ate lunch.
Making sandwiches (and getting our water kefir :-D)  when stopped for gas
  I continued to drive after lunch and my Mom and I listened to Doug Phillips’ message on “The Roaring Twenties” from the recent History of America Mega Conference.  It’s a very fun message and helps to capture this very important and transitory time in American history.  We also listened to the newly-released Jonathan Park album: “The Whispering Sphinx.”
  We ate dinner in Alabama and were back on the road before sunset.  The rolling hills in Alabama were very beautiful, but alas, I was driving and couldn’t take photos simultaneously!20130903_181259
Lydia after dinner
During the last 4-5 hours of the trip I finally switched cars and was able to take some [blurry] photos.
  At this point I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until we arrived at our house in FLORIDA!

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Marjo B said...

I enjoy travel pictures/posts.
Glad to hear that you arrived safely. :) Sorry about your Mom's fatigue!
Hope you are all relaxing and enjoying yourselves right now! We all miss you!