Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day & First Sunset

September 4, 2013-We slept in this morning after arriving after midnight last night. IMG_2611
These are the two palm trees providing some shade on our deck.
The ocean beyond the dunes.
We worked hard today to unpack our stuff and get settled in for our stay.
We brought a lot of the organic/specialty foods that aren’t available down here or that would cost much more.  We loaded our freezer with all our meats too.
Kate got these “Banker’s Boxes” and they were an absolute lifesaver when we were packing!
Our first day in Florida ended with a beautiful ocean sunset

Noah tried out a friend's RC car on the beach: 

1 comment:

Matthew Thomas said...

Looks grande my friend! Keep us posted with pictures & have a great time!

Hope the time is deeply enjoyed by you all, & hope it flies for us... cuz I miss you guys a whole bunch already!!!

Grace & Peace!