Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Music @ the Jones

IMG_1110  This evening we gathered with friends at the Jones home for dinner and to play some music together.  It’s so much fun to get two musical families together like the Thomases and the Jones.  We played a couple hymns and some worship songs.
Afterthought: Would’ve been fun to have some video. 
Michael on the acoustic guitar, Mr. Thomas on the drums in the back and Mr. Jones playing a “mean” bass guitar!
It was great to hear Mr. Thomas on the drums…
He brought his drum kit all the way up from OK!
Later we switched up the instruments playing.  In this song, Ashley is on the piano, Michael is on the violin and yours truly is playing the acoustic.
Micaiah playing with a mini djembe.
Jack & Brittany
Mrs. Jones, Cedric, and Zach
(stole his brother’s guitar while he switched to violin)
(stole his brother’s guitar when he wasn’t looking…)
Kate & Melanie
I was finally coaxed into playing my guitar, but with great reluctance.  It was really my first time ever playing my guitar with anyone, whether that be vocals or other instruments.  It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.  Since then I’ve been trying to practice with other people and I play with Kate throughout the week.
I seem to have a hard time finding the rhythm of a song, but I can usually follow along with someone who has.  Also, after playing solo guitar for so long, I tend to go into full right-brainer mode and don’t stick to a consistent number of beats or stick with the chord structure or a strumming pattern!  Trying to work on that Smile


Marjo B said...

That looks like so much fun!
It would be neat to have live drums...I'm personally rather fond of them. :) We have a couple of those small djembe things! Prob. one of our favourite instruments, when played really fast!

I enjoyed having the guitar accompaniment when we sang around the piano at your house...and I would've never guessed that you only just recently started accompanying! That's one thing I have a really hard time with! Nikola and Sam can ''jam'' with the Burnses...but me...I don't know. I need a little practice!

Matthew Thomas said...

You really did a great job Andrew! I had so much fun watching everyone play... Especially the guitar with drums. There's something about that sound that strikes a... chord with me. (No it really does! The pun just came to me.:p)

& I'm glad your working on fine-tuning your style. (Honestly, I love the right brained diversity in instrument playing, but its only downside is it doesn't generally meld well accompanied by other instruments. )

Keep it up!