Monday, September 2, 2013

Packing Up

    September 2, 2013-This fall we are taking a trip down to Panama City Beach, FL!  We’re staying at the same beach house from our last visit back in 2010.  We’ll be bringing down a lot of stuff including my computer and Kate’s computer since we’ll still need to do some work.  Therefore, we thought we’d pull the trailer with our van like we did last time.  However, the van is having transmission problems, so instead, we’re bringing the van and Kate’s car.
We tried to get everything packed and loaded into the van...“everything packed” is a good way of describing what we’re bringing on the trip!
Lydia’s “lamb-y” stuffed animal was placed in the clothes washer.  While it was being cleaned, she stared at the washer and kept on “asking” us to get it for her.  Then the washer switched to the spin cycle and the noise scared her away!
Computers, hard drives, monitors, etc.
Boxes of food, files for work, sewing machine, kefir bottles, Noah’s bike...
skim board, cooler of meat...

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