Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Harvest Dance


   For those of you going to the #HarvestDance this Saturday night:  I've created a page with videos and instructions for the dances (some of which are new) that we'll be doing at the ball.
   Also, three of the dances we'll be dancing at the ball are taught on the +Stately Steps "Regency Era" DVD, so for a limited time we're offering attendees 10% off the DVD and you can pick up the DVD at the ball.
   Check out the videos and take advantage of the special offer now!

Harvest Dance Videos

1 comment:

Zoe Quinn said...

Thanks for posting these videos! It is nice to have an idea beforehand of how the less familiar dances go; and of course, dance videos in general are always fun to watch!
Incidentally, the videos you posted a few months ago of "Laura's Waltz" and the others taken on that evening are especially enjoyable - elegant and fun, which is just about equivalent to perfection!
See you at the dance!