Sunday, September 22, 2013

James, Waves, & A/C

  September 22, 2013 - We went to church at Covenant Presbyterian Church again this morning. (Sidenote: “Covenant” has to be in the title of every conservative Presbyterian church.)  Pastor Corey Colravy preached on James, the disciple of Jesus, and delivered a very powerful sermon about the boldness that we should have for Christ and the Gospel.

  We got in the water when we got home and relished in the waves brought in during yesterday’s storm.


We would wade out to where the waves broke.  Then a big wave would come and knock us off our feet and send us head over heels through the wave.

When you experience a force so powerful that not even the strongest man could stand against it – but at the same time a force that is so gentle that it doesn’t destroy you – you can’t help but think about the power of the One who created and upholds the universe with His mighty hand.

As I was flipped and tossed through the water, I couldn’t help but feel like a little boy who’s father tosses him in the air before catching him again. 

The power of God our Father is just so amazing and overwhelming as shown the works of His creation.





A break in the clouds



Photos don’t do justice in capturing the powerful rush and roll of the waves 


IMG_7967  IMG_7959

  Lydia checks out a crab                      

    After the storm we had this weekend, our Air Conditioner stopped working and we hadn’t been able to turn on the air.  Apparently it just couldn’t the additional humidity from the storm – in a climate that is already very humid. 

     There was also water dripping from the ceiling in the kitchen – right below where the A/C unit was located.  After replacing the air filter, we noticed that the A/C unit was frozen solid and Benjamin worked very hard with a hair dryer to defrost everything.


Catching water with whatever we have on hand


Water dripping from the ceiling

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Alexa Bailey said...

That is such a great thought about the waves. We were just talking about the immenseness of God. You can start to see the beginning of his power but you can't grasp it all..the ocean is just a whisper of his splendor! *WOW* And you all look so small compared to those waves!