Thursday, February 6, 2014

Benjamin’s Birthday! Go Karts @ Pole Position

February 6, 2014 - Today was Benjamin’s birthday and to celebrate we headed to Pole Position Raceway to race some go-karts.  Personally, I love racing and speed (see the upcoming post about MY last birthday), so I definitely enjoyed had a great time.
Watching the instructional video on rules and safety
The go-karts that Pole Position uses were very impressive.  They are electric and have excellent acceleration and handling. In fact, their acceleration was so good that it could really throw you back in your seat.  Their max speed is 45 mph.
The track had a couple of straight stretches but also had some challenging turns and a hairpin.
After the “race” you get a print-out of your lap times and personalized suggestions to improve your lap times. The driving suggestions were affected by your driving style and were pretty detailed.  A couple of examples would be to brake and drift less around turns or to follow an experienced driver around the track to learn their paths and braking points.
As the name implies, “Pole Position” isn’t really about racing – as much as it’s about getting the fastest lap time.  So, your driving paths and braking patterns are more important than fellow racers.

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