Saturday, June 7, 2014

At the Farm...

June 7 2014 - We were invited to take a tour of family farm of some of our friends...

Being greeted by our tour guide who gingerly asked us to pay for admission ;)

Micaiah meeting"Buster"
Buster certainly made some new friends

Checking out the Brooder House

This photo has too many obvious caption possibilities, so I won't even post one.

Checking out the stalls and farm equipment

Talking about the sawmill

The logs are pushed out over these rollers after being cut

Old blades

Exchanging stories
The tour continues!

Carefully...removing the lid to the hive and removing a frame.

Checking out the bee hives

Chickens inside of the "Chicken Tractor"
Wait...a "chicken tractor?"  Let Joel Salatin explain.
Lose those eyelashes!

A mother hen and her chicks

Heading back to the house…where did our tour guide go?

What follows are random shots from around the farm:

Can you tell that [our] Ben is gross-motor movement dominant?

Is there any better way to end?

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Marjo B said...

Those are really nice pictures! I enjoyed looking at each of them.
I especially love pictures of people (esp. people I know! ;)) but I also liked the scenic and 'still life' ones! Looks like a good time.
I really like the H. family. And it looks like they have a pretty tidy farm. I do so like tidy farms. :)