Monday, July 14, 2014

Blog Updates

I’ve been updating the blog a lot over the past month, so here’s a list of the most recent posts, so that you don’t miss anything!
Bike Ride (Video)
Independence Day Celebration
Brown Belts
Men's Advance 2014
Bush Hoggin'
The Rapture!
Jeremy and Darcie's Reception and Dance
Tim and Rachel's Wedding
Jeremy and Darcie's Reception
Jeremy and Darcie's Wedding
Isaiah's Birthday
John Williams Christmas Concert
Sentimental Journey Dance Band (Video) - #FCM14
Learning the Laendler (Video)
WWII Officer's Ball (Video) #FCM14
Brewery Tour
Worship of God Conference
Christmas Morning
Ice Skating
 Photos of the Bros
 At the Farm...
 FCM Conference 2014 - Speakers I

1 comment:

Zoë said...

Ha ha, an excellent idea! There certainly is a risk of that happening!

I have read and enjoyed all of the above listed posts, but doubt that you would wish for a rambling comment on each one. Let this be a comment to cover all of them at once, then, with the words most easily applied to all: EXCELLENT photos, and many thanks for sharing about your adventures!