Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

December 25, 2013 - You've got to get up! You've got to get up! It's Christmas Morning!

We have a tradition of getting a photo every Christmas morning, before we go into the living room and see the tree and the gifts. 
Our Christmas mornings have certainly changed over years – one of which being that this morning we were already showered and dressed.

Someone’s still trying to wake up
Pillaging the stockings
(This was our first year with a real mantle over the fireplace, so we were able to hang our stockings the legitimate way)
Lydia was disappointed she didn’t have a stockings.
She just doesn’t own any socks.

Checking out the big throw Noah was giving Ben

What a great gift for this ENFP!

Lydia was obviously very excited about her new bath towels

Note her Christmas sweater.
We always make a mess
I have no idea what he’s spinning in his hand

Benjamin’s off to test out his new wet suit in the creek.
Yes, it’s late-December, but that would never stop him!

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