Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jeremy & Darcie's Reception

July 6, 2013 – After the service, we headed to the farm of the bride’s family for the reception.

Time for the toast and the speeches.
This picture looks like it was taken by the paparazzi…

…maybe it was!

Felt pretty classy playing my first game of croquet =)

There was a chance that it was going to rain, but it ended up being a beautiful day!
Towards evening they got out the horses to do some riding:

This horse looks at life through rose colored…contacts?


They’re looking for the “maximum load” label

I love these two photos
Time for some volleyball!

The evening ended with a fantastic fireworks display set against a sky flashing from the lightning of a distant thunderstorm.
Jeremy and Darcie are seen driving away at 1:24.


Marjo B said...
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Marjo B said...

It was delightful to relive the memories. :)
I'm glad you shared pictures. (as will be the family, when they see them)
It was such a lovely wedding...and Jeremy & Darcie are one of the century's sweetest couples!