Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creation Museum

3102 ,ht5 rebmevoN – That’s really weird…my keyboard was typing from right to left.  Maybe the first photo made it think that it was writing a reflection!
Moving on… on Nov. 5th, 2013 we visited the Creation Museum on the way home from the Worship of God Conference in NC.  <-Click here to check out posts from rest of the trip.

This kid was playing in the water the last time we were here, too.

Looks like Noah’s cooking and brewing has really branched out in the last few years.

We have spent SO many hours in this bookstore…

…A LOT of hours…

…but for some reason, I never noticed Proto!

Heading outside to the gardens

It’s always cool to come to the museum at different times of the year, because the gardens look different each season.

We’ve never been here during the winter

They added a new zipline and obstacle courses
Might have to try these out sometime

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