Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lion Safari (Video)-Throwback Thursday

Ben and I made this hunting video parody way back in 2008 in our backyard.  After making a couple of similar spoofs we actually filmed several “GTC Outdoors” videos that featured real hunting/fishing.

Jerry Lartin is a subtle spoof from one of the personalities in Bass Pro Shops hunting videos, Jerry Martin (see him in the video below.)  The Okavango Delta is a real place in Botswana that features a large game preserve.

The bloopers at the end kind of poked fun at some things you usually won’t see in perfectly-edited hunting shows.  (Such as leaving a gun on safety, missing a shot, or your cameraman falling down.)

The dog/lion was Gideon – our golden retriever who died in 2010.


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Zoë said...

Out of curiosity, just how many years ago did this Jerry Lartin make his expedition?

Ah, bloopers... the highlight of any movie! ;]