Sunday, July 13, 2014

Independence Day Celebration

July 4, 2014 – Today is the 238th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence! 
(Some of you enlightened ones may stop reading this post if I’ve already made a factual error within the very first sentence.  So, for you people I’ll add this disclaimer:)
July 4th, 2014
The 238th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence!
Some friends organized a special Independence Day celebration and picnic at a local park.

The festivities began with a fife and drum rendering of colonial tunes.
Yes, photos of people playing music is BORING.
That’s why you’ll find a video at the end of this post…very soon!

Yay!  A picture of me!
This is a great opportunity to quickly mention that during the presentation that my right and left legs were alternating between the sensations of ‘falling asleep’ and ‘pins and needles.’
I'm sure that the founding fathers made similar sacrifices when they manned the sound booth.
Enough of me, let's move on:

The decorations were fantastic and there were probably close to a couple of dozen revolutionary-era flags hanging in the tree tops.

The unfolding and raising of the flag

A cymbal from a colonial-period drum set

Yes, he has THE original Declaration of Independence!

Okay, maybe not…I think that Nicolas Cage already stole it from the national archives.

BUT, I can tell you, that there are times when I talk with Mr. Ford, when I wouldn’t be surprised if he DID have the original!

“An Appeal to Heaven!”

My cousin, Isaiah, looking as dapper as ever!

Just too cute for words….

[Video will be here…when I have the time to edit and upload some of the footage]

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Zoë said...

Again, excellent photos, etc., etc., how do you so perfectly capture the scenes, etc., etc... :) Looking forward to the video!
I'll probably have my post on the celebration published sometime within the next week or so... maybe. :}