Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Snake and a Spurious Debate

July 25, 2014 –

Our friend's new calf, "Elijah"

Unfortunately most of my photos are from the “tail end” [pardon the pun] of the visit… 

Benjamin brought a little conversation piece with him in the form of a little black snake

Spotify Mood Music Option #1

This snake’s been getting some photo-posing lessons from a very popular pop-singer who will remain nameless.

Spotify Mood Music Option #2

Truss-ssss-st in Me…

The comment refers to the snake -
I’m not implying that Melanie has a lisp and/or a dubious reputation

Later in the evening, (remember this is post-midnight) Micaiah and I became embroiled in a spurious debate.

“…there are multiple reasons for that being the case.  Please let me expound…”
“But, wait, there’s more!”

“…and that’s why Belle is the best Disney princess.  Here’s why that matters…”

*Pulls glasses off for an emotional connection and dramatic effect*
I’m thinking: Hmm…it looks like I’m really striking a chord and from their faces, I’m really sensing an empathetic vibe…

…well that didn’t last long!

Notice: There’s no smile on MY face!

Melanie gets in my face

Micaiah tells me to walk out the door and leave…
..but neither of us could keep a straight face for long!

Eventually Micaiah calmed me down and very logically found a solution to our disagreement.

For those of you who don’t know know what spurious means (or didn’t take the time to look up the meaning when I used it earlier in this post) it basically means “fake” or “counterfeit” which are the best two terms to describe our little spat. 
Unfortunately, I’m afraid that we had a couple of people in the room convinced that we were in a truly heated and emotional debate instead of a repartee. Smile
“Mea Culpa, Me Paenitet”

The ladies having a discussion free from raised voices, enthusiastic gesturing and other conversational dramatics.

Peace out!

Oh, and “Mea Culpa, Me Paenitet” is basically, “My bad” in Latin.

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Melanie said...

That was such a fun time! Such cool snake pictures... thanks for the clarification on my character :-P

The picture that makes me laugh the most is the one of Micaiah not keeping a straight face for long. Classic ENTP acting happening during that... discussion :-)