Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chicken Butchering

August 18, 2014 - We headed down to a friend’s farm to help them butcher their chickens.  Despite a late night friends (almost) everybody was up and ready to go when we arrived.

Hustle and bustle ensued as prepared the butchering area and loaded the first batch of chickens.

This is one of those rare candid shots that actually turns out being awesome.
Yes, that’s a cell phone in Matthew’s mouth.
Time to pick up the chickens
Surfing?  Cue: “Wipeout”
Chickens are picked indiscriminately and with eyes closed
They’re not always happy to go
I think that they’re planning an escape…Chicken Run style:
Reinforcements arrive
Time to prep the butchering area
Reminiscent of drawings I’ve seen from the inquisition era
Readying the apron
Everybody was placed at different “stations’' so we could get organized, otherwise we’d be running around like chickens with their…wait, bad metaphor.
Crash course lesson on chicken preparation
No wonder she’s nicknamed “The Beast!”
United Chicken Butchers Association Local #386
Melanie wanted to try butchering the chickens, and the proof can be found in these GRAPHIC images:
Weighing and bagging the chickens:
Looks like someone found my camera!
Yes, even though you rarely see me, I’m usually present at the events that I take photos of.
Because it’s not every day that you have a saw mill in the background:

Before you ask…yes, my family and I had chicken for dinner.


Matthew Thomas said...

You captured the day so well! Good memories here... :-)

A few comments....
Is it just me, or does Jay looking like he's enjoying this way to much here? : ;-)

Some pretty radical shirt awesomeness here:

I'm not sure what to say about all those pictures of Melanie killing (And gutting!) the chickens, but it deserves a comment because she is a "Beast"! One Beauty of a Beast. ;-) (#foryouLemony) Go girl, Go!

& Thanks for humoring me with those pictures of me and the stump. :-)(It almost looks like I took out that dog in the background though! :p)

Matthew Thomas said...

& I love the Chicken Killin Club:

Don't mess with us! ;-)

Melanie said...

We're all thankful for your humble sacrifice to be behind the lens for the majority of pictures and bring us such great posts and lasting visual memories. I don't think our first experience would have been so fun without such a great crowd to work with...And who else would be willing to take such graphic slaughtering pictures just to gratify the whim of a "beast" ;-) Your pictures and comments are always such a fun highlight of the day... A-one!

Matthew, did you really just hashtag in a blogger comment? You know "my word"? Well it applies to you, cause you are such a dear... And I must say, your style that day was the bomb... like Cally-punk-preppy-farm boy

Cheers to all the chicken processors and their many jobs! I think we need to have a chicken killing club re-unites day soon.

Thanks for letting us fill your comments section, Andrew :-)

Thomasmama said...

Love it! ....... the photos, not the slaughter! I also love that you all did it together! What an experience. Education never stops!
Can't say I missed it but I CAN say I missed all of you! ❤