Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Friends & Forest Park

August 1, 2014 - Every summer, movies are projected on a large, inflatable screen in Forest Park at Art Hill.  People come and picnic on the hill and watch the film as it gets dark. Tonight's film, "Meet Me in St. Louis" was most apropos.
Before the film began, we gathered with friends at the World's Fair Pavilion for a picnic. 

1 down. 249 to go.

These guys were practicing martial arts with one another

A completely random photo/pose


Melanie said...

That picture of you and Marscel... such a special friendship you have ;-)

I love the filters you have on the pictures of the three boys. Great shots once again!

Melanie said...

*I meant to say the one of you two texting.... more wise advise you must have been sharing, eh? :-)

Matthew Thomas said...

WOW! Some of those artistic pictures of the pavilion are AMAZING! So beautiful.... Totally agree with Melanie, I'm digging the filter you put on the one of the Bridges bros & Marscel... Wonderfully set up too!

& this one of you & Marscel: ??? That should win an award!!! Epic, stylishness & hilarious somehow all combined. Oh to go back to 1904!

Matthew Thomas said...

You should have a "Picture of the year" contest at the end of each year and have people vote on the top 10 pics or something. (Or maybe the best one of each month). That one of you two should totally be a finalist. :-)