Friday, September 5, 2014

Gander Mountain & Game Night

August 30, 2014 – We met up with friends and headed to Gander Mountain before a game night at our house in the evening.

Checking out the knives

Trying out some feminine camouflage fashion:

Well, Abigail was a sport about going to Gander Mountain with five guys, but it was our turn next!

Just had to get a pic as proof that I have been in the makeup section of JC Penny’s – for about 30 seconds.

The guys decided to head to Party City to get our own makeovers:

This mask reminded me of the time when a [former]  Cardinals pitcher, Joe Kelly, pulled a prank during an interview:

This image is a little bit creepy:

Could that be Kate – on Pinterest?

Between watching Messy Monday’s video on awkward hugs and learning that a 20 second hug can raise trust, we just had to give it a try.  Why not text in the meantime?


Matthew Thomas said...

Oh man... SO many great photos here.
True men...are brave enough to step foot in AVON. :P (Your bro Bens face just cracks me up outside the store... it's almost like he's pulling a Phillip: :D )

My favorite picture of the night though is the group laughing picture. I LOVE everyone's expressions... Good times. Good times.
Thanks for another stellar post!
Oh and 'Drew... Way to be a hugger. ;-)

DukeAdante said...

These are GREAT!!! I love that one of us all laughing! WAY to much fun! ;)

And that one of us all smiling is very pleasant as well! It;s not often you get a good picture of EVERYONE smiling at the same time! :)

Good post! Good post!

Melanie said...

^ What they said! So many great pictures!! Looks like it was quite the fun day! You could have also titled this post: Expressions of life :-) So what was everyone laughing at?