Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Historic Character Ball (Video)

October 11. 2014 – Here are a few videos from last Saturday’s Historic Character Ball.

Photos will be posted tomorrow.

Irish Washer Woman

The Young Widow

The aptly-named "Young Widow" was hands-down the most difficult dance we did at the ball:



Bare Necessities


The Scottish

Video posted by Leah Mays

The Scottish II

Video filmed by Matthew Thomas


Zoë said...

Thanks for sharing these videos, Andrew! That was certainly a fun evening of dancing. :]

Aptly named, you think? I can't quite agree there... while the situation at the ends can be a bit perplexing at times, it's not so distressing that I'd name it for a young woman whose husband has died! You're definitely right about The Young Widow being at the upper end of the difficulty scale that evening, though. The videos are proof. :]

Looking forward to the pictures post!

Stephanie Schwan said...

Where did this occur and how did I miss it?!